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In Le Roux’s laboratory

Ocean view multi-room office spaces that I share with my students

Table-top Micro-Computed Tomography system (micro-CT)

The table top micro-CT Skyscan 1272 has arrived in my laboratory in February 2015 and has been a blast to work with. Highest resolution is 0.45 microns. There are plenty of on-going projects and the lab has been busy, but feel free to reach out if you are interested in a collaboration.

Zeiss microscope

The automated microscope comes with a motorized and a polarized stage to perform image acquisition and petrographical recognition of minerals. I inherited this fancy toy from Horst Marschall, and I am happy to share it with any careful user. Ask me about the google calendar to sign up.

Multi-user facilities

Electron microprobe at MIT

Hosted at MIT

Element 2 ICP-MS with LASER ablation system

Mass spectrometers hosted at WHOI

Ion microprobe

Hosted at WHOI (NENIMF)

Other facilities of interest for Petrology and Geochemistry

Experimental Petrology laboratory

Hosted at WHOI and run by Glenn Gaetani and myself

Hitachi tabletop SEM-EDS TM-3000

Hosted at WHOI and run by the NENIMF facility

MC-ICP-MS and chemistry lab

Isotope geochemistry laboratory hosted at WHOI and run by Sune Nielsen and Tristan Horner