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Sept 2017 – Welcome Emily!

Emily Cooperdock

Emily just started a Doherty Postodoctoral scholar at WHOI and is working on (U-Th)/He thermochronology and trace element geochemistry to 1) date magnetite that form during fluid alteration, 2) investigate the geochemical fingerprints of serpentinization at different tectonic settings, and 3) constrain the thermal history of mantle peridotites. Emily has extensive experience with anything outdoorsy…

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July 2017 – Welcome Taylor!


Taylor comes from Brown University and is a 2017 Summer Student Fellow working on the formation of pyroxenites in the Josephine Ophiolite (Oregon). He is using EPMA, LA-ICP-MS, REE closure temperatures and Nd isotopes by MC-ICP-MS to decipher the timing of vein formation in the mantle.

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Dec 2016 – New paper in EPSL: Dating the formation of mantle heterogeneities


Constraining the scale and the nature  of mantle heterogeneities is critical to understand mantle dynamics, but there is still limited information available on the mechanisms and timing of formation of mantle heterogeneities observed in exhumed mantle rocks. Most of those heterogeneities are layered pyroxene-rich veins that form as a result of melt focusing and subsequent…

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Sept 2015 – Welcome Emma!


Emma Soucy comes from Northeastern University (Boston), and is working on calculating temperatures of rocks to understand how our planet Earth has cooled over time. Emma has started in July and has already taken the temperatures of many rocks! Welcome Emma!

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July 2015 – Marienel is back!


After a successful summer as a PEP student last year, Marienel Basiga (San Jose State University) is back into the experimental laboratory to figure out how slab melts modify the composition of mantle wedges in subduction environments. She is now a prestigious Summer Student Fellow at WHOI!

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Oct 2014 – Meet Marienel Basiga

Marienel Basiga

Gaining research experience led Marienel Basiga, a junior geology major at San Jose State University, to the Woods Hole PEP. Her research project with mentor Veronique Le Roux at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, in a field of geology known as experimental petrology, involved measuring grain-scale permeabilities of calcite and quartz through high-pressure, high-temperature experiments to…

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